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  • Precision Custom CNC Milling Part,custom cnc milling parts manufacturer
  • Precision Custom CNC Milling Part,custom cnc milling parts manufacturer
  • Precision Custom CNC Milling Part - Keypad, the Most Competitive Custom CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer in China in 2021

Precision Custom CNC Milling Part – Keypad

I believe that most of us have some experience with computer games, but today Yijin Hardware will introduce a metal keypad. Are you curious about it? What does a keypad have anything to do with our precision custom CNC milling? Well, the keypad is one of our precision custom CNC milling aluminum parts. A metal keypad manufacturer spent a lot of time trying to find a custom CNC milling parts supplier, but no one was satisfactory in their eyes until they found Yijin Hardware on google. They told us that they did not think that there were a lot of precision custom CNC milling parts manufacturers like us, powerful enough and keeping a low profile.

 Product introduction: The metal keypad is another type of keypads with the same operating principle as common keypads and similar internal structures. The different part is that the metal keypad has hard surfaces, due to its material, to achieve features that common keypads do not have, such as violence, dust and water resistance.

Product dimensions: 420*130mm*20mm

Product material: aluminum alloy 5052

The 5052 aluminum alloy is a kind of Al-Mg alloy with wide application, especially in the construction industry. With magnesium as its main alloying element, the 5052 aluminum alloy is the most promising alloy featuring good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good cold machinability, good forming machinability and medium strength, and used to manufacture airplane fuel tanks, pipes, metal plates for both vehicles and ships, instruments, streetlamp stands and rivets, hardware products, and electric appliance housings.  

As the rust-proof aluminum with the widest application, the 5052 aluminum alloy features high strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity and corrosive resistance. Its plasticity is good after half-cold hardening and low after cold hardening. It also features good corrosive resistance and good weldability but poor machinability. It can be polished but cannot be reinforced by thermal treatment. The 5052 aluminum alloy is mainly applicable to low-load parts with high requirements of plasticity and weldability and operating in the liquid or gas medium, such as fuel tank, gasoline or lubricating oil conduit, various fluid container, and other low-load parts made by deep drawing.    

Scope of application:

E-bank machine, ATM, CDM, ADM, automatic transfer machine, vending machine, self-service ticket machine, self-service payment machine, and telecommunication inquiry machine.

Product features

A metal PC keyboard is usually equipped with a track ball mouse or a touch pad mouse to greatly improve practicability and controllability, more suitable for outdoor operations in a special environment. With mouse and keyboard integrated, more space can be saved to achieve barrier free operations. As an embedded device, the metal keypad is widely used in the financial equipment field, communication equipment field, military industrial equipment and a series of self-service terminal equipment. Silica gel carbon granules and gold plated PCB as well as technologies of convex keys with good contact are used for the keypad to achieve rapid response and good touch, so that users can perform data entry accurately, quickly and without noise. 

Precision Custom CNC Milling Part,custom cnc milling parts manufacturer

Humanized interface layout and moderate laser engraving to re-etch patterns and characters with proper depth can make them difficult to wear or fall off. Customized interfaces, as well as customized control modules and circuits, are provided in various languages to meet custom requirements from different countries. Fixed installation holes are made at the rear aluminum plate to achieve easy and simple lower installation mode.       

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