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Project Description

  • Motorcycle Spare Parts,CNC Components Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle Spare Parts,CNC Components Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle Spare Parts,CNC Components Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle Spare Parts,CNC Components Manufacturers

Motorcycle Spare Parts

Product material:Anodized aluminum alloy

Product Introduction:The motorcycle spare parts will be processed by turning milling. Modified motorcycles are very popular in Europe, and riders modify their bikes in different ways. For example, changed the motorcycle tires to narrower ones, replaced the forward-mounted foot studs with the normal large footboards, replaced standard headlights and fuel tanks with smaller  caps and fuel tanks, and  decorate their cars with the upgraded chrome-plated and oxidized parts. The motorcycle turning and milling compound processing parts will be sent to The European area.

Which parts on the motorcycle belong to CNC machining parts

Engine: Cylinder head, Cylinder block and Crankcase, Aluminum alloy heat sink, OHV, Chain drive,Overhead camshaft, Left half crankshaft,  Right half crankshaft,Crank pin, pedal,  Crankshaft sprocket, Crankshaft rotation, The rod mechanism, Clutch handle, Gear lever

Drive System: Clutch, Screws, Disengaging device push rod, Screw cover, Machine cover, Thrust plate, Friction plate,Work holder, Pin bearing, hubcap,Steering Rack ,Journal, Guide wheel, Worm gear, Worm

 Steering and braking system:Throttle handle,Brake Lever, Clutch grip,Hand shank,Cam

Several Methods Of Aluminum Alloy Surface Treatment

1.Anodic oxidation process: Anode treatment is the use of direct current, AC direct current electrolysis principle, in the workpiece or product surface to form a layer of oxide film, to increase corrosion resistance and  aesthetic method.

2.Electroplating process: Electroplating process, is the workpiece as a cathode, the formation of coating material as an anode, both are placed in the bath tank, and then through the DC or AC-DC, so that the formation of coating material ionization and from the plating solution to run to the workpiece surface, firmly attached to the formation of different thickness coating method.

3.Infiltration treatment: First remove oil stains on castings or products with oil remover, and then rinse them with warm water at 25-30℃ for insulation. Then put it into the infiltrator and seal it, vacuum it to 0.7-0.8mpa, keep the temperature at about 65℃, and then inject the prepared infiltrator into the infiltrator. After soaking for 8-10h, the dried compressed air is passed in to keep the pressure at about 0.4mpa, and then it is kept for 8-10h. Finally, the casting or products are taken out for air drying.

4.Surface spraying: Spraying paint on cast aluminum or aluminum alloy component is to improve their corrosion resistance.For castings or products that require good corrosion resistance,which should be anodized or chemically oxidized before spraying. The purpose is to increase the corrosion resistance of its own, and to make the paint bond more firmly, and then brush primer and finish paint

5.blast working process: The aluminum alloy castings are loaded into the drum of the high pressure blasting machine and sprayed onto the surface of the castings by the bullet stream running at high speed. As the casting is constantly turning at the same time, all its surfaces are strengthened by the injection of projectiles.

6.Vacuum spray plating: Put the product or profile to be sprayed into the vacuum chamber of the spraying machine as the cathode,and take the materialof spray layer forming as the anode.After closing the vacuum chamber, vacuum to a certain vacuum degree, with high power plasma gun to spray material in ion state sputtering and deposition as a cathode product or profile, forming a layer of 2-10um spray layer, showing a variety of bright luster.

CNC machining is an important manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software is used. It dictates the various movements of machinery and factory tools. The process is integral to the efficient working of any factory because it helps in controlling the functioning and movement of a range of complex machineries. These could range from lathes to grinders and also routers. When you use the right CNC machining parts it is possible to perform complicated three dimensional cutting jobs. This can be done using a single set of commands and prompts. CNC actually stands for computer numerical control and this takes into account the limitations that exist as far as manual control is concerned.

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Products for Processing

Unlike many other so-called big names in the CNC manufacturing field in China, Yijin Hardware has been able to offer a wide range of products that are in demand across the world for various needs and applications. The lists of such products are quite big and it may not be possible to list down each one of them. However, we are happy to share a few of the most important ones that are being used by our clients both in China and also across many other countries of the world.

To begin with we offer some of the most complicated and difficult CNC machining process. These include Arc, Side Hole, and Tail Hole amongst other such processes. Additionally, you also can get in touch with us for the following processes too:

  • Flat Machining and Milling Machining.
  • Our range of processing machines include, hand grinding machines, Suzhou Sanguang wire machines, carving machines, drilling machines of different sizes, semi automatic drilling machines, electric punching machine, bench press, high speed punching machines, horizontal punching machines, and last but not the least automatic chamfering machines.
  • Apart from the above, we also supply a wide range of CNC machine parts and these are as equally important as the main CNC machines that run various industries and businesses. Not many manufacturers would be able to compete with us when it comes to supplying various types of spare parts that are required for the smooth, efficient, and uninterrupted running of the various types of CNC machines. Most of the machines are expensive and therefore they need the original spare parts that conform to international specifications and standards.

We are able to offer the same much better when compared to other professionals. The lists of various CNC machine parts that are made in the factories of Yijin Hardware are quite big and we are only talking about the major ones. We hope it will be able to give our readers a reasonably good insight into our capabilities when it comes to making world standard and quality CNC machine parts at competitive rates and supplying them across many countries and continents. Here is a list of the major CNC machine spares that are manufactured by us:

You can trust us for a range of milling machine spares including NC table, vertical and horizontal cradles, NC indexing head, veering 90 degree B axis and tables that also cover 45 degree B axis. We also are experts in making the best of A- axis as well as twin axis NC Spindle amongst other such spare parts for milling machines.

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