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  • High precision turning parts,turned parts manufacturer
  • High precision turning parts,turned parts manufacturer
  • High precision turning parts,turned parts manufacturer
  • High precision turning parts,turned parts manufacturer

High Precision Custom CNC Turned Components

Whether custom CNC turning or custom CNC milling or custom CNC machining, as long as it is performed for a custom part, it requires high precision. This is because a High precision turning parts requires custom CNC turning which usually requires the a custom CNC turned parts manufacturer or supplier to have the capabilities of controlling machining accuracy in a precise way.

 Product introduction: The CNC turning parts described this time are pipe fittings, specifically the pipe thread plug and the pipe thread adapter. We usually call the CNC turning for this type of shaft parts pipe thread machining, which has quite high requirements of thread accuracy. Whether the pipe that the part is used for will leak or not, as well as the thread service life, relies on accuracy control.   

The CNC turning machine tool for pipe threads

The pipe thread lathe has three systems: a. the horizontal lathe with a machining diameter of 400-1,600mm and length of 750-10,000mm; b. the pipe thread lathe with a spindle bore diameter of 130-440 mm; c. various big bore lathes, big head lathes, and dedicated machine tools with a spindle bore diameter of 130-440 mm. This product is widely used for machining in industries like mechanical manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, geological exploration and urban water supply & drainage.

The pipe thread lathe usually has a large through hole on its spindle box. After going through the through hole, the workpiece is firmly clamped by the two chunks located on both sides of the spindle for rotational motion. The cutter feed has two modes. One is achieved by the screw rod driving the slide carriage and cutter holder located at the front of the machine tool, same as common lathes. The other is achieved by the male thread cutting head of the flat chaser on the slide carriage located at the lathe center cutting into a workpiece and moving forward with it. (See the automatic opening and closing thread cutting head.) Some lathes for long pipe machining have workpiece supporting units such as central rest, follow rest and rear support.

The pipe thread lathes has partially adopted numerical control. For every round that the workpiece turns, the cutter uniformly moves a distance which is equivalent to the selected thread pitch based on the number of feed pulses. This is very convenient for machining taper threads, change the thread pitch and correct the thread pitch error. This kind of machine tool is capable of machining workpieces with a length up to 15 m and a diameter up to 400 mm. Currently, the diameter of the spindle bore of a pipe thread lathe is mainly 135-500mm, the maximum rotating diameter of a workpiece on the lathe is 630-1,200mm, and the maximum workpiece length is 750-15,000mm.

What technical features does a CNC pipe thread lathe have?

The CNC pipe thread lathe is a professional lathe for pipe machining which is specially designed and manufactured based on the machining requirements of oil delivery pipes, drivepipes, and drill pipes in the petroleum, chemical, and metallurgical industries. It is used to machine various internal and external pipe threads precisely with automatic control by the CNC system, and can also be used as an ordinary CNC lathe to machine excircles, bores, end surfaces and conical surfaces for a workpiece.  

Product development advantages of the CNC pipe thread lathe
1.This machine tool features high automation, high efficiency, high precision, wide application and easy operation.
2. common lathe in China nowadays, the CNC pipe thread lathe is the best of medium-sized CNC lathes.
3.The headstock is driven by a variable frequency motor, with stepless speed change. The spindle bearing is from a well-known manufacturer and the three jaw chuck is of a well-known brand in China.  
4.The CNC system is in modularized design, easy to debug and convenient for repair. High power servo motors are used for both shafts x and z, with advanced performances and high reliability.  
5.A casting saddle and a casting sliding plate are used, with a reasonable internal rib arrangement. High precision ballscrews with accurate transmission are chosen. An electric tool carrier of a well-known brand in China is selected, with high precision, high rigidity and high reliability.  


  • Material:  Stainless Steel 304

  • Precision: The accuracy requirement is ± 0.002mm, Surface Roughness is Ra0.8-3.2 μm.

  • Processing: CNC lathe, CNC turning, CNC milling , grinding.

  • Surface Treatment: There should be no scratches, scratches or other defects on the surface of the parts.


  • DRW Format: PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ IGES/STEP/STP etc.

  • Application:Aerospace, Aviation.

    Boeing 737 Wide tabletop Component

  • PMA number is 300009020000108.

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