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Project Description

  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies
  • custom harmonica,cnc machined components,cnc companies

Custom Harmonica CNC Machined Components

Today Yijin Hardware is going to introduce a precision custom harmonica cnc machined components. This is a high-end custom harmonica made of original ebony by CNC milling. Since ebony is of brittleness and the product structure is complicated, the machining difficulty is not big for a powerful precision custom cnc companies, and 5-axis milling is usually used. Let’s take a look at this custom harmonica cnc machined components.

Product material: ebony

Product dimensions: 150mm*40mm*10mm


What is ebony? Some wood of ground plants is buried in sludge of low-laying places such as the river bed because of earthquakes, floods or debris flows and turns into ebony after going through the carbonizing process for thousands of years under the effect of microorganisms like bacteria in the oxygen deficit and high-temperature state. The ebony is also called dark wood, carbonized wood, eastern mysterious wood or plant mummy.

Not all ancient wood can turn into ebony. Only the wood of trees with scents and featuring sterilization can turn into ebony, such as nanmu, toon, and cinnamomun camphcra.

After buried, squeezed and carbonized for thousands of years, the ebony has solid texture and is hard to decay or be eaten by worms. In elegant and plain colors such as black brown and black red and rarely tawny or golden, with delicate texture, it is very suitable for household furniture.

After polished, the ebony has a mirror like gloss and feels smooth, featuring almost most of the advantages of redwood including non-decaying, no worms and non-discoloring.

The modern ebony is a kind of redwood, and the ebony called on the market refers to the black African ebony or east African dalbergia fusca. They belong to a category of wood and up to one of national redwood standards.   

Features of CNC milling for wood materials: Reasonable cutting parameters need to be used based on wood characteristics. For CNC milling, different wood varieties have different characteristics but they have something basic in common. Therefore, before wood part machining, adequate analysis is required for the wood to be machined.  

The features of wood machining is determined by the natures of both raw materials and finished products as well as the market demands. CNC milling stresses a moderate batch size, and the machining for a single or several products is rear in China presently. Besides, although complex curves and curved surfaces often occur in wood material machining, most can be described by mathematical modelling. The curves and curved surfaces of furniture parts are more abut decorative artistry and does not require very high accuracy, which greatly reduces machining accuracy requirements. Finally, the wood machining equipment is required to have a certain machining speed and efficiency, and a machining speed too low will decrease production efficiency and affects workpiece surface quality.

Features of the wood machining process: Although sharing the machining principles, wood machining is different from metal machining in the perspective of safety and hygiene of labour. The machining object is naturally grown and has anisotropic mechanical properties, so wood products with different grain directions have different applications as to mechanical properties such as pulling, pressing, bending and shearing resistance. During machining, the force subjected by the product changes in a complicated way. Natural flaws (scars, cracks, barks, worm lanes, and decays) or the flaws due to the forces generated during machining (like inverse silking) damage the wood for integrity and evenness, because of moisture content change and resulting swelling and shrinking.


Application Fields of CNC Milling Wood:

1.Creative art

As we all know, wood is widely used for sculptures and anaglyphs and making decorations. Maybe you have also notices that the art plate and color plate frames are mostly made of wood. The best types of wood are Pinussp, Acersp, and Cherry.

2.Musical instruments

Most musical instruments like harmonicas, pianos, violins, cellos and guitars must be made of wood, with Swietenia, Macrophylla and Fraxinussp as the best choices.   

3.Other applications

mobile phone shells, calculators, stereos, fans, glasses cases, golf clubs, headphone casings, and radios.

Why not come to us if your product is very complex and difficult for machining? As a powerful and reputable precision custom cnc companies,Yijin Hardware has been providing custom CNC milling services for thousands of small, medium-sized and large companies all over the world. We are basically everywhere behind all kinds of products on the market,You see, isn’t this custom harmonica cnc machined components the best proof?