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  • Components Of Stainless Steel,Top Custom CNC Milled Supplier

Components Of Stainless Steel 316L

Product Introduction:

Used for a mechanical watch, this custom 5 axis CNC milling components of stainless steel 316L is one of the core components – Watch Shell. Every important part of a mechanical watch cannot do without being installed on the watch shell, including watch movement, crown, seal cover, and looking glass    


Stainless-steel 316L

Product dimensions:


About Stainless-Steel 316L

316L is the material grade of a stainless steel material. It is AISI 316L in the USA, and sus 316L in Japan. In China, its uniform digital code is S31603, and its standard grade is 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 (new) and 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 (old), specifying the components of Cr, Ni and Mo as well as their contents (%).

316L Stainless Steel Composition
In the metal manifacture processing industry, due to the stainless stell 316 L with aluminum that the stainless steel 316 L uausally is compared to stainless steel 304.This alloy has better acid and corrosion resistance than 304. Let’s take a look at 316L stainless. The composition table of steel:

Carbon: 0.08%        Nitrogen: 0.1%        Chromium: 16-18.5%

Sulfur: 0.03%        Phosphorus: 0.05%        Silicon: 1%

Iron: 62-72%        Manganese: 2%        Molybdenum: 2-3%

Nickel: 10-14%

Analysis of Stainless-Steel 316Ls Machining Difficulty

Based on the composition of stainless steel 316L, it has common properties of stainless steel and higher hardness than other stainless steels, thus having higher accuracy requirements for the precision CNC equipment. This is more challenging to a precision 5axis CNC Milled Supplier. In addition, because of the composition of stainless steel 316L, it is even much more difficult for a precision CNC 5 axis milling supplier to perform machining. However, there is always an exception. All of this is no problem to Yijin Hardware, a top precision 5 Axis CNC machining supplier of a history of 20 years. I am just saying that when it comes to manufacturing precision 5 Axis Components Of Stainless Steel 316L, Yijin Hardware is more professional than others.If you look carefully, you can find that there is a hole in the crown. The surface structure of that hole is more complicated. Because of the small space, the instrument that requires customized 5-axis CNC milling processing needs to be more advanced and precise, and requires operation. The personnel must be attentive enough

Purpose or application scope:

The watch shell is used to carry the movement and other important parts. Aka medical steel, 316L stain-less steel is a treated material often used for the fixing steel plate for bone fracture. Featuring excellent corrosion resistance, good texture and no harm to human skin, it is usually used to manufacture cost-effective or branded water shells, crowns and watchbands. 316L steel has the following six advantages:

1. beautiful cold-rolled products with good appearance glossiness

2. good corrosion resistance, especially corrosive pitting resistance, because of added Mo.

3. excellent high-temperature strength

4. good machining hardenability (low magnetism after machining)

5. no magnetism in the stage of solid solution

6. higher price than 304 stainless steel

The Watch Shells Machining Difficulties and Solutions

As you can see, the watch shell has very high complexity, which means that its machining is not easy. Structurally speaking, this component of stainless steel 316L machining is performed from several different dimensions, and this is a test to a precision 5 axis CNC machining supplier for its comprehensive capabilities. If this precision 5 axis CNC Milled Supplier uses CNC 3-axis milling or 4-axis milling, it means that a lot of custom dedicated fixtures are required for the watch shell, to guarantee repetitive error of positioning for the watch shell parts.

Custom 5 Axis CNC Milling Stainless-Steel Parts

The number of machine tools and cutters is reduced in the whole process of 5 axis linkage milling because only one-time setup is required, eliminating the error due to the transfer from one machine tool to another and improving workpiece contour accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface quality repeatability. This allows customers to not only save the costs of manufacturing custom 5 axis CNC milling stainless-steel parts, but also guarantee high quality due to high accuracy of both the cutter and the workpiece. As a precision 5 axis CNC machining parts manufacturer with a history of over 20 years, Yijin has earned the trust from a lot of large purchase partners all over the world with its powerful capabilities.

Custom 5 Axis CNC Milling Stainless-Steel Parts

However, machining in this way takes a lot of time and high costs. To ensure both machining accuracy and production efficiency, Yijin Hardware is the best choice as an experienced precision 5 axis CNC milled supplier that uses CNC 5 axis linkage for milling. Integrating comprehensive machining, the 5 axis linkage milling provides powerful time and cost advantages for wide application. Standard milling cutters can also be used for very difficult machining jobs, so the use of dedicated milling cutters is less frequent. Additionally, a standard milling cutter has internal stability and allows the use of higher cutting parameters, as more overhang requires lower cutting parameters. Mini-cutters with a diameter of less than 1 mm are also allowed, so as to manufacture precision components with very high geometric and contour accuracy.

Custom 5 Axis CNC Milling Stainless-Steel Parts

What metal materials are generally used in watches:
Stainless steel: The most widely used watch material, mainly 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Among them, 316 stainless steel is the case material of medium and high-end watches. Because it contains molybdenum, it is more corrosion-resistant than 304, and its price is more expensive than 304 steel. It is usually called “stainless steel” in the industry.

Ceramics: The raw materials of the new ceramics are finely ground zirconia and titanium carbide powders with a grain size of about one-thousandths of a millimeter. The particle size is about one-fifth of the diameter of a human hair. They are homogenized, and the predetermined shape can be obtained by ceramic injection molding (CIM, Ceramic Injection Modeling). We use this method to get the shape of accessories such as watch cases and straps. The material preformed by CIM is placed in a special furnace for high-temperature sintering. After the ceramic watch case and strap are formed, they are polished and polished according to the required surface effect to finally form a lubricated surface texture. The biggest characteristics of high-tech ceramic materials are high hardness, scratch resistance, long-lasting color, and skin-friendliness.

Titanium alloy: The reserves of titanium in the earth’s crust rank fourth only after aluminum, iron, and magnesium. Pure titanium is a silver-white metal with a melting point of 1668°C and a density of 4.5g/cm3. Belongs to light metal. The chemical properties of titanium are extremely active, and it is easy to interact with elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen in the air, and form extremely stable compounds. Therefore, the titanium we talk about usually refers to titanium alloys. Titanium and its alloys are a new type of structural materials developed in the late 1940s. Titanium alloys are mostly composed of titanium and aluminum, vanadium, nickel, molybdenum and other elements. Its main characteristics are high specific strength, corrosion resistance, good mid-low temperature performance, and special properties such as superconductivity, memory, and hydrogen storage. Its characteristics are very suitable for the environment of space and ocean, so titanium alloy is also called aviation metal and marine metal.

Tungsten alloy: Tungsten alloy is an alloy based on tungsten and added with a small amount of nickel, copper, iron, cobalt and other elements. It is called high specific gravity alloy, heavy alloy or high density tungsten alloy. Because of its high density, high tensile strength, good ability to absorb rays, good electrical properties, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, it is widely used in missiles, armor-piercing projectile cores and other weapon materials. Tungsten alloy has high hardness and good wear resistance, but due to its brittleness and poor ductility, only a few brands use tungsten alloy as a watch case and strap material.