Project Description

Custom Stainless Steel 302 Threaded Screw Inserts

Custom Screw Inserts’ Introduction

This type of fork screw insert is customized by our company for customers in Singapore. The main thread specification is M3.5 thread, and the head adopts the fork shape, so it is named fork screw. The material of this fork screw insert is stainless steel 302. The main function is that the screw head needs to be combined with plastic. Screws are commonly used and common items in People’s Daily life. They are widely used and ubiquitous in people’s life. In People’s Daily life, screws  usually have two functions, the first is as the connection and fixation of objects; Second, it is used as a pin shaft to support some simple rotating parts. The screw in the prior art usually includes two parts which are fixedly connected in one, namely the screw head and the screw. When used, the screw can be twisted in the use place. In current technology, the screw usually consists of two parts fixed together, namely the screw head and the screw insert . When used, the screw can be twisted in the use position. However, in the process of twisting, because of the direct friction between metal and metal, it is easy to produce noise. And after installation, the screw is fixed at the installation position only by the tiny elastic deformation of the screw and the friction between the screw and the installation position, so that its stability is poor, and the screw is easy to fall off. On the other hand, when the screw is used as a pin, the friction between the rotating part and the screw is easy to produce noise. At the same time, when the screw rust, will also produce rotating parts difficult to rotate and other problems.

Stainless Steel 302 Extension Introduction:

Stainless steel 302 belongs to the international stainless steel labeled icon/nameplate. S30200 (AISI, ASTM) 302 Stainless Steel, product features and application scopes: Cold processed with high strength, but less elongation than 1Cr17Ni7. Decorative parts for construction.

International Labelling Method for Stainless Steel

The IASA(American Iron and Steel Institute) uses three digit numbers to label standard grades of malleable stainless steel.  Including:

①Austenitic stainless steel is marked with 200 and 300 series numbers.  For example, some ordinary austenitic stainless steels are labeled 302, 304, 316, and 310.

②Ferritic and martensitic grade stainless steel are indicated by 400 series numbers.

③Eerritic stainless steel are labeled 430 and 446. Martensitic stainless steels are labeled 410, 420 and 440C.

④Stainless Steel, Precipitation-hardening stainless steel and high alloys with less than 50% iron content are usually patented or trademarked.

The difference between 302 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel

Different application scope: 304 stainless steel is a common stainless steel material, which density is 7.93g/cm³, and also known as 18/8 stainless steel in industry.  800℃ high temperature resistance, with good processing performance, high  toughness, and is widely used in industry and furniture decoration as well as food and medical industry. 302 stainless steel has high strength after cold processing, but the elongation is slightly worse than 1Cr17Ni7.  It is applied at construction industry.

Different mechanical properties: 302 yield strengthMPa:≥205, tensile strengthMPa:≥520(hardness hb≤187), elongation/%:≥40.

304 ensile strength (MPa)≥515-1035, yield strength(MPa)≥205, elongation/%≥40, hardness≤201HBW≤92HRB≤210HV.

Different amounts of carbon: 302 has the same corrosion resistance as 304, but is stronger than 304 stainless steel due to its relatively high carbon content.

Numbering and Representation Method of Steel

①Adopt international symbols of chemical elements and native symbols to denote chemical composition, and and Arabic letters to represent component content, For example: China, Russia 12CrNi3A

②Adopt the fixed digit numbers to represent steel series or numbers; Such as: The United States, Japan, Series of 300, 400, 200;

③A serial number consisting of Latin letters and sequences, indicating purpose only.

Numbering rules in our country

①Use element symbols

②Application, Chinese pinyin. Martin steel:P. Rimmed Steel: F. killed steel: B.

A classification steel: A. GCr15:Ball bearing.

◆CrMn, Spring steel, such as 20CrMnTi 60SiMn. (C content is expressed in parts per million)

◆Stainless steel, alloy tool steel(The content of C is in parts per thousand), such as 1Cr18Ni9 represent 0.1%C. C≤0.08% represent stainless, such as 0Cr18Ni9. C≤0.03% represent ultra-low carbon, such as 0Cr17Ni13Mo.

What kind of Plastic Material Is Used for Encapsulation/Rubber Head Screws:

Material TPE and TPR. The product material used to be PVC, but now most products are made of TPE material, and the hard plastic part is PP . TPE material is also commonly known as artificial rubber, which can be bonded with PP, ABS, PC, PA ,etc., and has good elasticity and skid resistance.

Encapsulation Screws Application Scope

In order to solve the product matching, make the screw more convenient adjustment and fixation, so the rubber head screws appeared. It was designed according to torsion and using environment, different shapes of the mold, then put inside and outside the regular hexagon screws, round head screws, countersunk head screws, include screw placement in special molds, and then adjust the teeth and use requirement according to the drawing and thread size, put dry and color matching of plastic injection molding machine melt glue, plastic injection forming, the final cooling and manufactured products, They’re called plastic handle screws.

It is to design different shapes of molds according to the torque and use environment, and then place the conventional internal and external hexagonal screws, round head screws, countersunk screws, machine screws, etc. in a special mold, and then adjust the teeth according to the drawings and usage requirements. The length and the size of the thread, and then the dried and color-matched plastic is melted by an injection molding machine, injection molded, and finally cooled. The product is called a plastic handle screw. Also known as: plastic head screws, hand screws, hand screws, plastic hand screws, plastic fasteners and so on!

Advantages of YIJIN Hardware:

  1. We can bond the rubber and hardware strongly.
  2. Customized according to the price, free proofing (mold opening).
  3. Fast proofing time (1~3 days), and fast delivery.
  4. Extensiveservice life (more than 10 years).
  5. Continuously track the use of products, and constantly improve the product.
  6. Factorymade.

Since its establishment, Yijin hardware in line with the principle of professional, honest, excellent, to provide customers with high quality, fast and convenient service. At the same time, we are always strict with ourselves, with reasonable prices,  excellent service, to provide customers with perfect products.

At the same time, we are always strict with ourselves, with reasonable price, perfect service, customer demand-oriented, to improve production efficiency and quality as the goal, and constantly improve the defects of products, ultimately to provide customers with excellent products. And keep pace with the industry, learn advanced technology, for customers to bring more comprehensive solutions! We adhere to customer demand-oriented, with the goal of improving production efficiency and quality, constantly improving product defects, and keeping pace with the industry, learning advanced technology, and bringing customers more comprehensive solutions!