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  • Custom CNC Turning Stainless Steel 304 Parts | A Custom CNC Turning Precision Parts Manufacturer
  • Custom CNC Turning Stainless Steel 304 Parts | A Custom CNC Turning,Precision Parts Manufacturer
  • Custom CNC Turning Stainless Steel 304 Parts | A Custom CNC Turning,Precision Parts Manufacturer

Custom CNC Turning 304 Stainless Steel Parts

What is the most important to a custom CNC turning airplane part made of stainless steel? Certainly it is the safety of the manufacturing material. This is the first thing to consider for either an airplane manufacturer or a custom CNC turning parts manufacturer? And then it is the weight issue. The product that we are going to introduce today is a custom stainless steel CNC turning airplane part manufactured with the contribution from Yijin Hardware.

Product introduction: This part is a product used for airplanes. Made of stainless steel 304, it is a shaft part featuring corrosion resistance, rustiness resistance, and high precision. As an important part of the airplane assembly,This 304 stainless steel part is composed of the knob, spindle, fiber rod, nuts, handle, and threaded shaft. The threaded shaft is one of the precision CNC turning shaft parts manufactured by Yijin Hardware. Used for fixed connection between the fiber rod and the handle, this shaft with specifications of Φ8*160 has two segments of different threads in the middle, both of which play an key role in coordination with the fiber rod and nuts. Adjusting the nuts allow the handle to slide leftward and rightward on the threaded shaft.  

Features and Types of the 304 Stainless Steel

1.The 304 stainless steel bar is an alloy steel material featuring pit corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, creep deformation resistance, and high strength. As a common stainless steel material, the 304 stainless steel has better rust resistance than the 200 series of stainless steel materials and good resistance against high temperature up to 1,000 – 2,000℃. The 304 stainless steel also has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance. According the experiment, the 304 stainless steel demonstrates powerful corrosion resistance even in the nitric acid with a concentration≤65%at boiling temperature.  

2.Various types of steel bars are made of the 304 stainless steel, including stainless steel hexagon bar, stainless square steel, stainless steel polished bar, stainless steel ground bar, stainless steel bright bar, imported stainless steel bar, and Chinese stainless steel bar, stainless steel easy to turn bar, SUS303bar and SUS416bar. Featuring good machinability and drilling property, precise and stable dimensions, high finish, Yijin Hardware’s products can be used for all kinds of high precision parts.   

Functions and Torsional Rigidity of the High Precision Shaft Parts

A shaft is a cylindrical or square-shaped object running through bearings, wheels or gears. As a mechanical part supporting and rotating together with the rotary parts to transmit the motion, torque or bending moment, the shaft is usually a round metal bar possibly with different diameters for different segments. The parts of rotational motion in a machine are installed on the shaft.

The shaft’s torsional rigidity is checked by calculating its torsional deformation amount during operating and measured by the torsional angle per meter. The torsional deformation of the shaft affects machine performances and working accuracy. For example, if the torsion angle of the camshaft of an internal combustion engine is too large, the air valve will be affected for its proper opening and closing time. The torsion angle of the transmission shaft of the movement mechanism for a gantry crane affects the driving wheel for synchronism. High torsional rigidity is required for both the shaft with a torsional vibration risk and the shaft in the control system.   

CNC Turning Accuracy Requirements for Shaft Parts

1)Dimensional accuracy: The dimensional accuracy of a shaft part refers to its diameter accuracy and length accuracy. Based on operating requirements, the diameter accuracy of the main shaft neck is usually class IT6-IT9 and can be class IT5 for a precision shat neck. The length is normally metric and corresponding allowances can be specified for the length of each step of a stepped shaft based on operating requirements.

2)Geometric accuracy: A shaft part usually has two shaft necks for support on bearings. As shaft assembly reference, these two shaft necks are called supporting shaft necks. Besides dimensional accuracy, requirements are also normally presented for the geometric accuracy (roundness/cylindricity) of the supporting shaft necks. For a shaft neck with general accuracy, the geometric error should be limited within the diameter allowance range. For a shaft neck with higher accuracy requirements, its permitted allowance should be specified on the part drawing.   

3)Mutual alignment accuracy: For a shaft part, the coaxiality of the mating shaft neck (for assembly transmission part) relative to the supporting shaft neck is a common requirement of their mutual alignment accuracy. For a shaft with general accuracy, the radial run-out of the mating shaft neck relative to the supporting shaft neck is normally 0.01-0.03mm. For a shaft with general accuracy, it is 0.001-0.005mm.
Besides, the mutual alignment accuracy has requirements of the coaxiality between internal and external cylindrical surfaces as well as the perpendicularity between the axial positioning end surface and the shaft axis.   

Surface Roughness of the Shaft Parts
The shaft parts have varying surface roughness requirements depending on the machinery accuracy and the operation speed. Normally, the surface roughness Ra is 0.63-0.16 μm for supporting shaft necks and 2.5-0.63 μm for mating shaft necks.

Yijin Hardware is very happy to be part of the efforts for manufacturing this custom stainless steel CNC turning part, although participating in the manufacturing of airplane parts is quite common for us as a custom CNC turned parts manufacturer. Every time we are involved in the manufacturing of a part, it has our efforts in it, and we get experience in the process to make our technologies of manufacturing custom CNC turning parts maturer.