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Project Description

  • Custom CNC Milling Parts of SS Red Copper,The Most Professional Precision Custom CNC Milling Services Provider
  • Custom CNC Milling Parts of SS Red Copper,The Most Professional Precision Custom CNC Milling Services Provider
  • Custom CNC Milling Parts of SS Red Copper,The Most Professional Precision Custom CNC Milling Services Provider

Custom CNC Milling Parts of SS Red Copper

Product material: red copper

Product introduction:This Milling Process CNC Parts is used for an important adaptor of an electrical device which has high electric conductivity requirements for its parts. At present, the most suitable material is none other than red copper and create the best red copper parts through Precision Milling Services.Next, as an precision custom cnc milling services provider, Yijin Hardware is going to introduce this electrically conductive red copper milling cnc parts.

Product dimensions: 100mm*100mm*100mm

Application scope of copper

Copper is a nonferrous metal which is in close relations with the human beings and rich in natural resources. Featuring good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, malleability, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance, it is widely used in various industries such as electric power, electronics, energy, petroleum&chemical, machinery&metallurgy, and transportation, as well as emerging industries.Especially the custom milling process cnc parts processed by precision milling services are more widely used and safer. In China, the consumption of copper ranks only second to aluminum amongst nonferrous materials.

Power industry: Copper is used for electric power transmission parts, including cables, transformers, switches, interconnecting devices, and connectors, as well as the manufacturing of motors covering stators, rotors, spindle noses and hollow conductors. Communication cables and residential electrical circuits also need a large amount of copper conductors.

Milling Process CNC Parts is provided by Yijin Hardware, the most professional Precision Milling Services provider

Electronic industry: Vacuum electronic devices, such as high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency transmitting tubes, transition conduits, and magnetron, require high-purity oxygen-free copper and dispersion strengthened oxygen-free copper. The copper printed circuits require a large amount of copper foils and copper-based soldering materials. In integrated circuits, copper is used in place of the aluminum in silicon chips as the interconnection lines and lead frames.

Custom CNC Milling Parts of SS Red Copper,The Most Professional Precision Custom CNC Milling Services Provider

Energy, petroleum&chemical industries: Both the main condenser tube plate and the condenser pipe are made of brass, bronze or cupronickel. Solar heaters are also often made of copper pipes. In the petroleum&chemical industries, a large amount of copper and various copper alloys are used to manufacture all kinds of containers, pipeline systems, filters, pumps&valves, various evaporators, heat exchangers and condensers which are in contact with corrosive media. Not only copper features corrosion resistance against seawater, but also the cupric ions dissolved in water have bactericidal effects which can prevents stains from marine organisms. As very important materials in the marine industry, copper and copper alloys have been widely used in desalinators, offshore oil and gas production platforms, as well as other costal and submarine facilities, such as the pipeline system, pumps and valves used during sea water desalination, and devices used on oil and gas production platforms, including the splash zone, subaqueous bolts, anti-biofouling sheaths, pump valves and pipeline system.

Cautions for the CNC milling of red copper

Take red copper as an example. It is soft and has a certain viscidity. Especially during the machining of this custom milling process cnc parts, because of the structure with cooling fins, extended milling cutters are required for back and forth milling between two cooling fins. If reasonable cutting parameters or cooling modes are not used during part machining, cutters will break due to greatly increased material viscidity. High-speed steel milling cutters can be selected for machining with a milling machine tool. For high-speed cutting or CNC machining, hard alloy milling cutters should be selected , with specific models based on part cutting sizes and maximum machinable ranges cooperate more with Precision Milling Services. Copper is soft, so blades with a slightly larger dip angle must be selected, so as to achieve bright cutting without many burrs. Choosing a suitable cutting fluid is also important. The cutter vibration depends on the radial run-out of cutter clamping and the cutter’s sticking length out of the collet. (Try to control the the cutter’s sticking length within three times of the cutter diameter.)

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