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  • Tube Cap,Custom CNC Machined Components Manufacturer
  • Tube Cap,Custom CNC Machined Components Manufacturer
  • Tube Cap,Custom CNC Machined Components Manufacturer
  • Tube Cap,Custom CNC Machined Components Manufacturer

Tube Cap

With very wide applications in industry due to its big importance, tube caps have a lot of types and thus generally requires precision machining. The difficulty of tube cap machining is above average and mainly presents on aluminum alloy 7075 and some details, which requires the CNC machined components manufacturer to have very powerful detail treatment capabilities as well as advanced machines.

Product material: black hard anodized aluminum alloy 7075

Product introduction: As a common industrial part, the tube cap is small but has big functions to protect a product in a good way. Similar as a seal head or plug, the tub cap is used to plug a hole for the purpose of sealing, dust prevention or beautiful appearances. This part that we are going to introduce today is a tub cap which is manufactured by the combination of turning and milling as one of the parts installed on the handle of an electric bicycle for both sealing and decoration. The two grooves in the middle of this part are used for the installation of an O-shaped rubber ring. When a tube cap is installed on the handle, the rubber ring will connect them in a firm way using its elastic force and also functions for dust prevention. The tube cap has a U-shaped groove on its tube-shaped end which is used to prevent the installed tube cap from rotating due to long-time vibration or impact. The tube cap is installed in the outside position with a high activity frequency a large activity range, leading to a big tendency of scratches or bruises. Therefore, a hard anodized coating is used to better protect the tube cap for its appearances.

Types And Application Scope Of The Tube Cap

Also called plug, the tube cap is used to plug the unnecessary hole in a pipeline for the purpose of sealing. It has the same functions as the blind plate and the head plate. Tube caps are often used in the media like water, oil and gas with a lot of nicknames such as plug screw, pipe plug, choke plug, and blank cap. It has a lot of types and a wide application range. As long as there is pipe, the tube cap will be used. By material, the tube caps can be divided into plastic tube caps, iron tube caps, stainless steel tube caps, copper tube caps, and aluminum tube caps. Tube caps are used in every walk of our life, covering tap water pipelines, bicycles, motorcycles, motors, engines, and mechanical equipment, but mostly for construction mechanical equipment. By shape, the tube caps can be divided into hex head tube caps, hex socket tube caps, inner threaded tube caps, outer threaded tube caps, outer square tube caps, inner square tube caps, and taper threaded tube caps. By thread form, tube caps can be divided into metric system tube caps, British system tube caps and American system tube caps.

Differences Between Aluminum Alloys 7075 and 6061

First, let’s take a look at the definition of an alloy.
A so-called alloy refers to a new metal composed by two or more metals after heating and melting. The so-called aluminum alloy is composed by aluminum and other metals after heating and melting, with the former in the highest proportion. Normally, an Arabic number of four digits is used to mark the composition of an aluminum alloy and clearly shows the metal elements contained in it. The first digit indicates the primary metal element only second to aluminum in an aluminum alloy. For example: aluminum alloy 7075 and 6061 (various aluminum alloy codes and their contained metal elements).
1. Different compositions: The 7000 series have zinc as the main alloying metal, with a proportion of 6%. The 7000 series have magnesium and silicon as the main alloying metals, with lower proportions.

2. Different strengths: The 7005 has a strength slightly higher than the steel. Its yield strength (making aluminum bend permanently) is a little higher than that of 6061.

3. Different prices: As the lightest aluminum with the highest strength, 7075 is very expensive. 6061 is the most common aluminum with light weight and good strength, both economical and practical.

4. Different levels of practicability: Because of higher contents of other metals, 7005 is difficult for both welding and treatment, especially 7075 (the last two digits indicating the proportions of alloying metals contained), so it is not used as the material for car frames. Because of lower contents of other metals, 6061 can have improved strength and reduced windage with different models and various treatments.

For this tube cap, Yijin Hardware used aluminum alloy 7075 for its manufacturing, because of the 7075 material itself, we encountered some machining difficulties. However, with perfect cooperation, our experienced operators and engineers solved this problem. Furthermore, the surface treatment of black hard anodizing was performed for this tube cap for higher rusting resistance and corrosion resistance.  

No matter how much it advertises, without specific cases or a lot of products machined, a CNC machined components manufacturer cannot earn your trust. With a history of 20 years and praised by more than a thousand customers, isn’t Yijin Hardware worth your trust?

CNC machining is an important manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software is used. It dictates the various movements of machinery and factory tools. The process is integral to the efficient working of any factory because it helps in controlling the functioning and movement of a range of complex machineries. These could range from lathes to grinders and also routers. When you use the right CNC machining parts it is possible to perform complicated three dimensional cutting jobs. This can be done using a single set of commands and prompts. CNC actually stands for computer numerical control and this takes into account the limitations that exist as far as manual control is concerned.

Our Advantages

There are many reasons why dozens of small, big and large sized companies from across various industries have reposed their faith on Yijin Hardware for all their CNC Machine manufacturing and other allied services. We offer some obvious advantages and benefits that are quite obvious and irrefutable:

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