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CNC Machined Stainless Steel Aircraft Components

What does a stainless steel aircraft component feature? Light weight, high strength, and high rusting resistance and high corrosion resistance. Achieving these is a test for a CNC machining parts manufacturer for its experience, because besides the three points above, the accuracy of this stainless steel aircraft component should be considered.

Product material: stainless steel

Product introduction: Today we are going to introduce two stainless steel parts manufactured by the combination of turning and milling. Both used for an aviation aircraft, they have similar shapes and the same functions. Called a stopcock core, each of them is one of the key part for a valve, and what they are called shows that they are both moveable parts. There are four circular recesses and one through hole on the circular periphery of each part, the former used for installation of the O-shaped ring and the latter used as a channel for liquid flowing. After the stopcock core revolves around the axis for 90°clockwise, liquid can flow through the through hole. On the contrary, after the stopcock core revolves around the axis for 90°anticlockwise, the valve is in sealing state.

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