A Special Publicity Project with Rich Experience in CNC Machining for Precision Mold Machining

Keywords: CNC machining, Precision mold processing

Accumulation of CNC machining experience for precision mold processing workpieces and special improvement projects

Recently, the company undertook a precision mold processing project with high-precision requirements. The dimensional accuracy of mold workpieces is required to be within 0.01mm. The CNC process with the largest processing volume not only ensures accuracy through process technology optimization but also optimizes management at the processing site to ensure qualified processing quality. , The countermeasures implemented at some processing sites are summarized as follows:

Visual management of precision parts for precision mold processing:

1. Measures: set up an independent logistics and storage area for precision workpieces;

2. Function: Distinguish the parts with high-precision requirements clearly, to ensure that the processing personnel clearly know the accuracy requirements of the workpiece, and carry out necessary control and protection from all aspects of the processing

3. Confirmation of precision mold processing equipment and personnel

1. Measures: Check the accuracy of the machine tool before processing, select the machine tool processing with excellent accuracy, and designate an operator with excellent processing skills to take on the processing task;

2. Function: To ensure the processing accuracy from the aspects of man and machine, and avoid the impact of equipment accuracy and personnel skills on accuracy;

Steps for precision mold processing and machining tools to increase on-machine inspection accuracy:


①After installing the tool in the tool magazine, use the tool measuring instrument to detect the tool, and the accuracy is guaranteed within 0.01;

②After the tool is installed in the spindle, it is detected that the tool swing is within 0.01 before processing can be started;

Function: Tool accuracy is very important to CNC machining accuracy. Through the second confirmation of the tool on the machine, the abnormal tool accuracy caused by the two assemblies of the tool can be eliminated and the machining quality will be affected;

Three confirmations of precision before, during, and after precision mold processing:


1. Each main body insert needs to be inspected 3 times during processing:

Incoming material accuracy detection.

2. On-machine inspection of workpiece accuracy after processing.

3. Three-dimensional inspection of the IPQC process. Use the same photoelectric probe for three inspections!

Purpose: Workpieces whose errors are within 10μ in the three inspections are qualified products; control the accuracy of the workpieces in the whole process from before to after; it is convenient to take corrective measures at the first time.

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