5 Benefits of Using CNC Machines to Produce Parts

1. Flexible Processing Capability

CNC machining has extremely high flexible production capacity. It is to cut the raw material through digital programming and control the tool path to obtain the final part shape.

CNC machining is suitable for large and small batches. If the parts are temporarily modified during the machining process, it is only necessary to make serial changes on the original program or to reprogram the machining program through programming software, which takes very little time, even a few minutes. Modifications are completed, allowing for rapid prototyping.

YIJIN Hardware CNC Machining

If the same situation occurs in other production processes (casting, stamping), it is completely different, and the mold needs to be modified at that time.

If the part is modified greatly, it may even face the re-making of the mold, which takes several days to complete. In contrast, CNC machining is more flexible.

The flexibility of CNC machining is not only reflected in the ability to quickly modify the program, CNC machining is also compatible with a variety of metal materials and plastics (brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium, PEEK, POM, ABS, PA66, etc.)

2. High Machining Accuracy

Numerical control of digital templates and automatic machining virtually eliminates human error and guarantees an accuracy of 0.001.

The CNC machining tool is controlled by a precisely programmed computer system, which is automatically carried out according to the instructions of the digital code without manual intervention so that each step of the machining can be cycled with high precision, which directly and effectively eliminates the errors caused by the operator.

machining accuracy

In addition, in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools, many measures have been taken to make the mechanical parts of CNC machine tools achieve higher accuracy.

Therefore, when some parts with high precision requirements are encountered, CNC machine tools can be given priority to production.

3. High Production Efficiency

CNC machining can run at 3.5 times the speed as needed, except that the machine needs maintenance or failure to stop the equipment.

As long as you perform routine maintenance and inspections, these machines are basically perfect for continuous operation.

cnc machine Production Efficiency

CNC machine work speed is much faster than manual, through the program control replaces much need human to complete the steps, all because of the numerical control automatic orderly, such as loading, unloading, tool change, chip removal, because they are faster and not need to have a rest, so the numerical control processing has excellent high productivity.

4. Reduce Operator Labor

CNC machines can operate unattended for hours, and one operator can supervise many CNC machines.

It allows the operator to focus on other tasks. This also allows the company to retain fewer operators, which in turn lowers the cost of CNC machining.

cnc turning lathe

5. Complex Machined Parts

CNC machining can easily produce complex surfaces that are difficult to produce by conventional methods.

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to create the 3D design of the final assembly.

Once entered into the CNC machine’s computer, the machine can cut the product out of the material to exact specifications. As well as easily create complex shaped components with less time.

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